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I am passionate about every partnership I create with a sponsor, thus, I want to make sure that I fit your brand/company, and you fit my community of unique and wonderful individuals.
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Sidebar Ad – $10 – $20
Your ad will reside on the side of my blog for 30 days, the 30 days starting the day the ad is up on my blog. The price will vary depending on the size of your ad. A typical 300 x 250 ad or smaller will cost $30 while something bigger will cost more. I reserve the right to raise my price if I deem your ad to be larger than what I would typically display on my blog.
This price includes a one time mention of your brand/company on my Facebook page and Twitter (if a discount code is provided to my readers, I will mention the brand/company up to 4 times on my Twitter).
Blog Post/Video Review – Price TBD
If you would like me to review a product, you have the option of a blog post and/or a video review (to be posted on my YouTube channel). I will only review items that I have personally used, as I want to maintain an honest relationship with my fellow blog readers. Thus, a product exchange must take place.
Depending on your choice of blog post and/or video review, compensation will be determined. In most cases, if there is a product exchange, that will be considered my compensation. In the case you require both a blog post and video review, and have specific time guidelines, monetary compensation will be required.
For more information please email me at:
I am more than willing to answer all questions and/or concerns.
If I enter into a partnership with your brand/company, I will work hard to show off your brand/company in the best light possible. I am very willing to work with your brand/company to determine the ideal way to merge my image with yours.
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