HAPPY HALLOWEEN lovely people! As a YouTuber, I’ve been celebrating Halloween practically since the end of August, but for regular people who don’t go crazy overboard with celebrations, today is the day to get your costume out and do whatever… View Post

While this particular dinosaur reminds me of bulbasaur, which is awesome in it’s own right, I also think it’s an incredibly cool DIY project either way. Who doesn’t want a dinosaur succulent planter hanging out on their bookshelf, desk or… View Post

A few weeks ago I decided to make some homemade almond milk because nothing beats food and drink that is homemade. Almond milk is surprisingly simple and quick to make, so if you’re a fan of milk that doesn’t come… View Post

Hello Friends, I am a big love of hats. I probably own way too many, but I can’t resist. When I see an adorable looking hat I’m drawn to hit like mouse to cheese (that’s a horrible simile). The problem… View Post