Nude Sweater – Dare to Bare?

I’ve never owned a nude sweater, until now that is.

I typically avoid pretty much anything considered nude coloured, whether that’s lipstick, clothing, or shoes. ¬†Nude clothing has just never appealed to me before. I’ve seen plenty of people rock nude coloured sweaters, coats, dresses, etc., but I personally never had an urge to own anything nude myself. I think it’s because I just love colour so much. Whenever my outfit has too much black, I start to stress and need to throw on something bright, whether it’s just a red lip, or a fun coloured pair of tights or cardigan. Yet, this sweater you guys, THIS NUDE SWEATER!

I recently discovered a blogger named Alice, and she was wearing this sweater in one of her older posts. A few clicks later, the sweater was mine, and I got it on SALE! I KNOW! Meant to be, wasn’t it? Normally nude tops scream boring to me, but something about the dainty ruffles around the collar, the tiny detailing down the middle of the sweater, and the cuffed sleeves made me change my mind. I still have no urge to own anything else in this colour, but every time I open my dresser and see this sweater, I just want to throw it on.

ASOS Nude Sweater

ASOS Nude Sweater

ASOS Skirt
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