Melting In The City

I’ve just realized that the last time I posted about a heat wave, I wore this exact outfit. What can I say though, this outfit is basically the best when it comes to super hot weather. 
On Sunday, my best friend and I went downtown because we both had things we wanted to buy, so despite the sweltering heat, we spent the day trying to enjoy our favourite parts of the city. As usual we stopped at Knox College at U of T, which is probably my favourite little hideaway. It’s great if you want to get some work done, read or just have a quiet lunch. 

Our next stop was Yorkville, where we on the search for a new healthy eatery, but as usual, we couldn’t help getting excited by the sites and sounds around us. Isn’t this fountain gorgeous?

The water droplets looked like little diamonds in the sun (that’s a song lyric for you right there).

The Good Press is a new organic cold-pressed juice and smoothie place. My best friend got the classic acai bowl while I had the Deep Blue Sea smoothie, which may not look the most appealing, but it was pure deliciousness. 

Of course, once we’d finished our healthy treats, and had walked around even more, we thought the only way to truly chill off from the heat, was to get a drink. Afterall, it’s sunday funday isn’t it? We popped in Hemingway’s, which is probably my new favourite bar. There are so many different levels to the place, especially lots of open roofed patios (my favourite addition to any place). Plus, although it’s in Yorkville, the pricing is cheaper than many other places I’ve been to. Win/win right there!

With gin and tonics in hand we spent a good little while chatting about life and complaining about how hot we were. Seriously, we felt like we were sitting in pools of our own sweat. Not the most pleasant imagery. 

We finished the day with a stroll past the Royal Ontario Museum, and a very sweaty subway ride home. 

How are you dealing with the heat (if it’s really hot where you are)?