Summer Days in Toronto

Last week my best friend and I ventured downtown to run some errands, but mainly to just walk around. We started off by visiting an art shop near Spadina and College called Gwartzman’s Art Supplies. It’s the best place to stock up on cheap art supplies, plus the staff are incredibly friendly and warm (this is why I love small family businesses). 

We ended up deciding to walk down to the waterfront, stopping along the way to stare at the great big needle in the sky. The CN Tower has always been a very comforting structure to spot in the city, so all the infrastructure that is starting to block it from view is upsetting.

The Toronto waterfront has been vastly improved lately, so much so, that they even have these cool “Muskoka” chairs everywhere. My bestie and I found a few right by the water, where we sat and munched on the muffins I’d made while staring out at Toronto Island. Yum!

If you walk down to the lake closer to Spadina, you’ll be able to watch airplanes take off from Billy Bishop Airpot. There is something so incredibly satisfying about seeing a plane take off.

Before we ventured for a walk up to the Eaton’s Centre, we crossed one of my favourite bridges by the water. At night, one side of this bridge has a light set up that makes it look like there is a boat on the side. It’s gorgeous!