All You Need Is Love, Distillery District

I love exploring the Distillery District, especially during the week when it’s quiet and you have time to collect your thoughts, and truly feel immersed in a historic part of Toronto.

There’s always unique art installations in the Distillery District. Before this heart shape, there was a weird metal monster/person type thing. To be quite honest, I prefer this heart, especially since my outfit matched.

There’s plenty of cafes around the Distillery District to make you feel like you’re vacationing in some small European town. Although I’d love to sit in a cafe with some coffee and dessert, they are quite expensive, but sometimes it’s nice to treat yourself.

This love sign was the reason we ventured into the Distillery District. I’m not sure how long it’s been up, but you can put a lock on it, the way many people do in Europe on bridges (something I’ve noticed spreading into North America as well). I really like the idea of this, especially as it won’t cause structural damage, like the locks did to the Parisian bridges. I do question where people put the keys though. I think it would have been nice to create a visible box where people could throw the keys in, to help preserve the moment.

If you ever visit Toronto, be sure to make the Distillery District a prime stop. It’s worth the visit, especially at night time (and bring a lock)!