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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


While most days my outfits have me wearing lots of layers or being covered in accessories, there are times when I like wearing a very simple outfit. No jewelry or layers, nothing fancy with my hair, just a dress, some shoes, and a simple pair of tights.
Minimalism is rather wonderful sometimes.

I'm currently reading Moby Dick. It feels so nice to read a book that's not for school.
What are you currently reading? Or What would you like to read?

unknown tights. vintage jacket and scarf. Guess flats. AA dress.



  1. amazing pics
    you have a great blog!
    love it

  2. I love this style... With the book hahaha ! It's amazing!

  3. you are looking like a ballerina :D

  4. Beautiful outfit! I love reading on my spare time :) I just finished Chelsea Handler's "Chelsea Chelsea Bang Bang", which was absolutely hilarious!

  5. Love your outfit, it is so cute! Right now i am reading Miss Jay's follow the model book, which is quite interesting and i am reading a guide to the czech republic!

  6. Beautiful. Very simple and lovely. I love the top of red. :]

  7. You look so comfy but not like a shlub (this is what people should wear ALL THE TIME! sweatpants should be outlawed unless you are ill or in the house!) Thanks for the bra advice lol
    I have never attempted Moby Dick, though I am currently in my second month of trying to get through "Great Expectations" by Dickens (with a few other books wedged in there for mental mouthwash so to speak).

  8. I have an exam coming up at the end of May for which I have to read 30 books. I study Comparative Literature, but still. Wow.

    & I don't think the outfit is that simple! Classy yes, simple no. I love how you tied the scarf. Exquisite!

  9. Lovely trench :)

    I'm going on a trip soon so I want to stock up on trashy chic lit! also think I would like to read some Deepak Chopra :)

  10. I'm desperately trying to finish one of Stephen Hunter's lesser vacation novels right now and totally losing interest. I love that wonderful red bow with the trench :-)

  11. i love the way you tie the red scarf...it's the perfect finishing touch to your outfit!!

    lovely blog =)


  12. Your dress looks pretty nice.
    Love your hair.


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