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Monday, August 24, 2009

summer is slowly fading away

Today was just another work day. When I got home I went to the post office to mail a package, and I stopped at the book store to buy a book by Barack Obama and the newest issue of The New Yorker.
The weather is getting cooler which is indicative of the approaching fall months. I'm getting really excited though, because this means university is approaching. One week this Friday I will be attending my orientation week. I'm so excited to open this new chapter in my life.

dress, Forever 21. shoes, Aldo. tank top, AE. necklaces, gifts. bag, thrifted.



  1. how exciting that you have the orientation for uni coming up :) i'm sure it will be a great chapter! you look gorgeous in that green colour - wow! xxx

  2. Oh I love all the gorgeous necklaces that you added to this look!

  3. The necklace makes the dress looks perfect on you. The dress is so simple but it does look pretty on you. =D Good luck on the new chapter of your life. =D

    Writers Den
    Brown Mestizo

  4. fall blew into my town the other day. it came in quickly on a chilled gust of wind. i am glad its here .. but i'm not glad i have to soon start wearing closed toe shoes and pants.. i don't like either.

    aldo shoes are the best. i have two pairs of identical sandals (one is purple while the other pair is red) that have lasted me for a long long time and they go on my feet everywhere. i wish they still made them but they stopped for some reason. silly aldo. they messed up

  5. I adore the color of that dress! Fall is nice.

  6. ohhhh, i envy you all you gorgeous dresses! and yet another beautiful dress which suits you perfect :)

  7. New Yorker, I'm so jealous, they're soooo expensive over here...Gorgeous oufit, as usual. Love the necklace!

    I'd love to exchange links!

    L xx

  8. So cute!I like your necklace and your bag!They very beautiful!Muaksss

  9. your outfit looks so lovley!


  10. the color of that dress is so lovely and light. and all your cream colored accessories are just perfect :)

  11. Good luck! Hope you have an extraordinary time! BTW love the necklace and the bag! The best items are always found in thrift stores :)
    Sincerely Louie, Ciao!

  12. That color looks divine on you! Why didn't I ever think of nude flats? Adorable!


  13. i love love love the necklaces:)xx

  14. This is such a pretty dress color. I love it! I love how you paired it with all the accessories, it's so adorable!



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