Sunny summer days are best spent in a tropical floral skirt. I mean, florals for summer? Groundbreaking. This summer has been ridiculously busy so far, but it’s also been extremely frustrating. As you’ve probably noticed, my blog has been a… View Post

I’ve never owned a nude sweater, until now that is. I typically avoid pretty much anything considered nude coloured, whether that’s lipstick, clothing, or shoes.  Nude clothing has just never appealed to me before. I’ve seen plenty of people rock… View Post

Christmas sweaters are one of the reasons I love December. I’ve been building my Christmas sweater collection over the past few years, and this particular one is a favourite. I’m a traditionalist. I love traditions, especially those at Christmas. Everything from… View Post

Tights don’t have to be boring, just bring in the colours. When the weather starts to get cold, I find it easy to slip into a pattern of wearing dark coloured clothing. But that’s why colourful stockings were invented. I… View Post